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About Us

             Timpano Audio was founded in 1999 in Sicily, Italy, established under the name Tempesta Loudspeakers. For 15 years the company focused on OEM services, manufacturing products and components for many major car audio brands. During this time they built up significant expertise in the engineering of audio components.

In 2015, PRV Audio Group observed an investment opportunity on the acquisition of the growing brand, buying Tempesta Loudspeakers and taking charge of all of the company’s operations. Under PRV Audio Group’s guidance and strategic alignment the brand began producing the very first line of speakers. Utilizing the Tempesta brand, PRV Audio Group embarked in worldwide distribution.

As part of its global strategy the brand changed its name to Timpano Audio in 2017 and adopted the slogan “Quality you can Trust.” The goal was to bring a variety of audio equipment targeted to upcoming generations pursuing breakthrough technology.

Today the company continues to expand their worldwide presence and develop their brand awareness with the creation of their mascot Mr. T (2019), centering their attention to car audio enthusiasts.

Timpano Audio guided by PRV Audio Group engineers is dedicated to designing products that will deliver the best combination of performance and affordability. Committed to innovation, development of new technology and new market trends, we offer the finest selection of high-quality products for car audio and pro audio applications.

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