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New Release: TPT-MD10 v2

The NEW TPT-MD10 650w midbass speaker is a great choice for adding some high output midbass to professional and automotive sound systems. With a large vented ferrite magnet and 2.5″ voice coil, this driver is ideal for use in high output applications. Capable of handling 325 Watts RMS and with a sensitivity of 97 dB.

When looking for a pro audio mid-bass speaker, the MD series is the obvious choice; combining power, sound clarity, and reliability. Excellent for bass, vocal reproduction, and musical instrument applications, the TPT-MD10 v2 10″ speaker has the power and reliability to cope with any pro sound demand.

– Wide 75 – 6,500 Hz frequency range for ultimate sound quality
– High 97 dB sensitivity for maximum output with minimal power
– Large vented ferrite motor for increased output and power handling
– Ideally suited for compact enclosures under 0.35 ft³ or custom car doors
– Recommended High Pass Filter with 12db Slope:
110 Hz under 250 Watts RMS
150 Hz under 325 Watts RMS