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TPT-MB12 2K5: 12″ PRO Audio Midbass Competition Loudspeaker


TPT-MB12 2K5 – 12″ Competition PRO Audio Midbass Loudspeaker

Built to last, this 12″speaker is recommended for professional audio systems as a mid-bass (with a high-pass filter of 95Hz at 12dB) in vented enclosures.

  • Can handle up to 2500 Watts Max power, able to deliver a tremendous amount of sound output
  • 4″ voice coil efficiently dissipates heat and prevents sensitivity loss
  • Wide Frequency Response of 60 – 5,500 Hz providing clean, detailed sound reproduction
  • 98 dB sensitivity, more output, and high-impact sound
  • High-grade soft parts for the best combination for high excursion and durability

One of our most powerful mid-bass PRO Audio loudspeakers, the TPT-MB12 2K5, offers outstanding durability. A specially-designed spider suspension is assembled with a resin and combines with the bumped backplate to improve the resistance against failure during intense use. The linear triple-roll suspension offers smooth accurate geometry during hard play, while a large 4″ voice coil results in very high efficiency while providing a smooth and accurate mid-bass response with Xmax of 7 mm.

The magnet assembly is attached to a sturdy reinforced cast aluminum frame completes a solid support structure, for long-lasting play in almost any environment.

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