TPT-EQ7 10v


7 Band Equalizer / High Voltage Line Driver
1/2 – DIN Graphic Equalizer / Crossover
6-Channel / 10-Volt RCA Line-Level Output
2 Inputs / Selectable Main or Hi-Input
Bass Knob Control – Level and LPF

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1/2 DIN 7 Band Equalizer TPT-EQ7 10v High Voltage Line Driver

Designed to optimize your acoustic system’s clarity and efficiency to ensure the highest level of clarity. This equalizer has 7 different bands, including a separate bass control knob, which can be adjusted in real time while in your vehicle.

Speaker Wire to RCA Converter built-in, the HI-INPUT converter also makes it the perfect choice for those looking to add amplifiers to their factory radio.

An equalizer lets you customize the sound to meet your preferences. Manufactured with high quality materials to enhance sound quality of your system. For those who enjoy quality music during a drive, you know that upgrading your car stereo and speakers is not enough.

The equalizer features knobs to control adjustment and equalization of audio signal according to your desirable tuning:

  • BASS KNOBS control: Set the level and SUB output frequency.
  • Input switch: Select the input signal channel (MAIN or HI INPUT).
  • Input controls: Individual LEVEL adjustment in each input (HI INPUT or MAIN).
  • FADER FRONT/REAR control: Set the balance between the FRONT and REAR outputs.
  • LED lighting: For better control visualization, they lit on a LED frame, at color BLUE.
  • Frequency controls: Equalizer with 7 bands (50Hz / 125Hz / 315Hz / 750Hz / 2.2KHz / 6KHz / 16KHz).

Timpano Audio is dedicated to designing products that deliver the most impressive combination of performance and affordability.

Before installing – Read the USER MANUAL carefully before installing the equalizer.

Technical Specifications:

Inputs MAIN IN ( RCA) and HI-INPUT ( Speaker Wire)
Outputs SUB OUT / FRONT and REAR
Audio Controls INPUT LEVEL / FADER / 7 BAND EQ +/- 12 dB Level
Bass Knobs SUB LEVEL / LPF FREQUENCY 60Hz to 90Hz
Frequency Response 5 Hz to 140kHz
Working Voltage 9v to 16v DC
Dimensions 7.25” x 1” x 2.25” Mounting Depth
Weight 0.68 lb

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm – our Return Policy.

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