TPT-M6-8 (Pair)


6.5″ OEM Replacement Car Speaker 8 Ohm
200 Watts Max Power
110 – 8,500Hz / 94 dB

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General Description:
TPT-M6-8 Ohm 6.5″ OEM Replacement Car Speaker 200 Watts Max Peak Power ( Each ) 8 Ohm

We have combined the PRO audio and high fidelity audio into a new type of driver aimed at delivering high levels of clean output from stock speaker locations.
The M Series speakers can be used to transform a stock system into a concert level experience without cutting up interior panels. The shallow mounting depth of 2.44″ is designed for easier installation.

In this series there are two options to chose from. The TPT-M6-8 (8 Ohm) and TPT-M6-4 (4 Ohm). Both come in pairs and deliver 200 Watts of MAX Power and 70 Watts RMS power with a Sensitivity of 94 dB and 110 – 8.5 kHz of Frequency Response. This PA Style speaker is a great upgrade for listeners wanting to go well beyond the standard factory upgrade.

200 Watts Max Power
70 Watts RMS Power
Impedance: 8 Ohm
Sensitivity: 94 dB
Frequency Response: 110 – 8,500Hz
Voice Coil: 1.5”
Shallow Steel Basket with High Strength Ferrite Magnet
Recommended High Pass Filter:
180 Hz under 250 Watts of Amplifier RMS Power with 18dB Slope
140 Hz under 150 Watts of Amplifier RMS Power with 12dB Slope
Mounting Depth: 2.44”
Mounting Cutout Diameter: 5.74”
Overall Diameter: 6.5″
Weight: 2.66 Lbs each
Quantity: 2 pieces (1 pair)

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

Customer Reviews

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Douglas Robinson
Very nice wide range speaker

These 6.5” speakers are bright and clear sounding as well as being loud and well made. Absolutely worth the money. I was using them temporarily in an open-back cabinet, similar to a car door situation, where they could definitely use some low end help, but I think, in a closed cabinet, they may be capable of “full range” or vocal range duty in small portable systems. They really shine as mids for 3-way designs or, with a proper crossover, as the top end for a bass guitar rig. If you’re on a tight budget, I recommend these lots ‘o’ bang-for-the-buck mids when used for small to medium venue or automotive sound systems.

Kevin Abstance

great product

Jesus Garcia

great product


Very good speakers. Clear and screams really loud for such a small speaker.

abdiel mercado

Great products from Timpano Audio. I will buy more!