4-Channel DSP Controlled
By a Wireless BT Connection
2 Channel Input or Hi-Level Input
4 Channel Output
Built-In Voltmeter
Built-In Relay ( Sequencer )

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Bluetooth Car Audio Signal Processor DSP – TPT-SP4BT

We have brought the perfect tools to make your sound system the ultimate music machine!

The compact TPT-SP4BT is signal processor ( DSP ) controlled by bluetooth connection direct from your phone or tablet. This powerful tool allows users to optimize the performance of their custom sound system, regardless of whether they are using a aftermarket unit or factory radio.


The processor’s information can be viewed and configured remotely using smartphones with Android or iOS systems. Its digital signal processor allows real-time modification of equalization, crossover filters, alignment, gain control, phase inversion, limiter, input/output routing, and features such as: Battery Voltmeter, Frequency Generator, Frequency Sweep and Pink Noise.

Its exclusive sequencer feature (SEQUENCER) makes it possible to configure the programmed startup and shutdown of up to three products from the remote startup connections (S1, S2, and S3).

In your device’s app store (Play store) or (Apple Store), search for our TIMPANO TPT-SP4BT app or use the links
below to be directed to the app page.
Once installed, open the app to configure and use your audio processor.

Download the app to your device

Technical Specifications

Number of channels Input: 2 x RCA (A+B) or 2 x HIGH INPUT (A+B)
Output: 4 (1, 2, 3, 4)
Graphic equalizer: 15 Bands (gain ±12dB)
Crossover with freq. Variable: Butterworth: 12/18/24/36 dB/8ª
Linkwitz-Riley: 12/18/24/36 dB/8ª
Output gain: -45dB ~ +15dB per output
Frequency generator: 10Hz ~ 22kHz and Level -60 ~ 0dB
Battery voltage monitor: Current, minimum and maximum voltage
Frequency response: 10Hz ~ 22kHz @ 0dB
Max. Input voltage: RCA: 5,6 Vpp (+8,2 dBu)
HIGH INPUT: 15 Vpp (+18 dBu)
Max. Output voltage: 5,6 Vpp (+8,2 dBu)
Power supply: 10V ~ 15V DC
Max. Output current SEQUENCER: 180 mA per output
Rated current consumption: 170mA @ 12.6V DC
Range: 15 meters*
Compatibility: Android 5.0 or higher
iOS 12 or higher
Dimensions (H x W x L): 1.3” x 3.8” x 7.4”
Weight: 0.40 Lb

Our crossovers are designed to provide the perfect frequency distribution to ensure the clarity and peak efficiency throughout your custom system.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm – our Return Policy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Powerful and convenient

This DSP has all the features you would expect from a DSP but its so convenient with the ability to control and monitor everything from your phone. My favorite features are the voltmeter, limiter and gain controls at your fingertips. It's also cool to be able to see the actual cutoffs of the crossover on the screen.

Great Tool

This is super easy to use, but it will not work from very far away ! you still need to be 25ft close to the car

Jason Ewing
Dsp Bluetooth

This thing is awesome. Control all your eq settings right at your fingertips. Thanks Timpano audio. I look forward to using more products in the future.

Top Tier for sure

This little product pack a real punch, it really cleans up your audio, separates mid bass from vocals and vocals from highs I would recommend this item to anyone looking max output and performance from thier sound system. Only downside I would ask that the timpano company do a small video on how to install and operate this unit. Then it would be a 6 star ⭐ product.

Sahodra Jagroo
Powerful and user-friendly

Works amazing for a clean set up of music. Have all the features you would need. Works perfectly. Would recommend to anyone.