Single 12” 1500 Watts T2500 Package



1500 Watts Bass Bundle
12” Subwoofer box 1 Ohm
Compact Amplifier 1 Ohm
High Performance Kerf Port Box
Slanted Back Design

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Timpano 12″ Car Audio Subwoofer Box + Amplifier Bundle 1500 Watts 1 Ohm Loaded Ported Enclosure

The most popular option for premium loaded enclosure package by Timpano makes it easy to add low-frequency bass to your vehicle. One 12 inch dual 2 Ohm TPT-T2500-12 D2 subwoofer is included in this package, pre-wired inside the enclosure using 12 gauge copper wire for a 1 Ohm final impedance + one TPT-1500 1 Ohm car audio amplifier.

This special box design features a kerf port, typically only seen in custom enclosures. The port is designed to reduce air turbulence, allowing the air to move out of the enclosure quickly and without any resistance. This results in a more powerful and efficient bass response. This enclosure is made from MDF and reinforced with internal bracing for maximum durability. It is covered in high-grade carpet for a professional appearance.A slanted back allows the box to fit into most vehicles easily.

Timpano T2500 Series was designed to bring the ultimate combination of performance, durability, quality and value. Featuring incredible linear excursion, with top-grade soft parts, American Made voice coils on a colossal cast aluminum styled basket creating a new standard for powerful systems.

  • COMPETITION GRADE COMPONENTS: Its double stacked magnet motor drivers a 3″ American made 4-layer CCAW coil on a black aluminum former all coated with high temperature black adhesive. A stiff reinforced non-pressed treated paper cone & high roll foam surround was used to ensure performance on the lowest tones of bass.
  • POWER: This monoblock amplifier is designed to run your system with the power it needs to perform! 1500 Watts RMS power output at 1 Ohm 1 channel. Its high efficiency rate of 86% provides more power with less battery consumption.
  • ENDURANCE: This sub is conservatively rated of 2,500 watts peak power / 1250 watts RMS guaranteeing to put out some crazy output. Equipped with a robust double-layered spider with, stitched-on XL tinsel lead wires, to hold a longer play time, maximizing durability.
  • HIGH EXCURSION: Bassheads searching for more lows! You can look forward to deep, Low, impact bass in a small enclosure with a generous 1.85″ peak-to-peak excursion. Xmax of 23.5 mm one-way and Max Xmech of 37 mm one-way.
  • FEATURES: TPT2500-12 D2 is a quality sub that fits in any audio enthusiast’s budget. Dual 2 Ohm American made voice coils. A chrome vented back plate and unique vented basket design enhances heat dissipation. Stitched cone reinforcement ensures long life.

All the top quality components featured in this sub, as well as its advanced 3-way air flow cooling system, are what ultimately allow for the incredible responsiveness & power handling.

Timpano T2500 series subwoofer box will play deeper, with more dynamic range and increase output, after you properly break in your subwoofer. Its suspension is designed to provide a high level of excursion and linear control in ported boxes. A brand new sub will be a little stiff, but with a proper break in, the subwoofer soft parts will stretch out! Which means with less power power you will create the same output with more extended low bass tones.

Subwoofer Box Specifications:

Subwoofer Box Style Slanted Single 10″ Ported Design
Internal Air Space 2.10 ft3
Tuning Frequency 30 Hz
Type of Port Kerf Port (Flared Slot Port)
Wood Material 3/4 MDF
Included Subwoofer 1x TPT-T2500-12 D2
Terminal Speaker Size 8 Gauge Wire
Overal Size 15.25” H x 21.00” W x 16.75” Deep

TPT-T1500 1 Ohm Specifications:

Number of Channels: 1
1600 Watts RMS Power at 1 Ohm 14.4 Volts
1250 Watts RMS Power at 1 Ohm 12.6 Volts
Supply Voltage: 9V ~ 15V
Frequency Response: 10Hz ~ 15KHz
Crossover Low Pass: 90Hz ~ 15KHz
Crossover High Pass: 10Hz ~ 90Hz
Impedance Output: 1 Ohm
Musical Consumption: 63,5A
Dimensions (L x W x H): 9.36” x 5.53” x 3.05”
Weight: 3.62 Lbs

Before Installing:

You must follow the instructions for the product’s installation and connections to guarantee optimal performance. If you have any questions, get in touch with us. Before using the amplifier, always follow these guidelines:

• Make sure the amplifier is switched off before adding or removing any connections. This prevents possible damage to the equipment connected to the amplifier;

• Keep all cables as far away as possible from the ignition cables, electronic injection modules and starter switch since they may cause noise interference;

• Always use 100% Copper cables and good quality connectors. This guarantees the sound’s quality and fidelity;

• To avoid damaging the cables, make sure that they do not touch sharp metal edges. Important: Use a 70A fuse 12 inches away from the battery as a safety precaution

The power rating data is based on equipment from the PRV Audio Group laboratory. Rated power tested with 100Hz to 1KHz sinusoidal signal and THD <= 10%, with resistant load referring to the indicated measurements. The electronic components and the manufacturing process can present manufacturing variations, thus leading to a variation in the measurements made. This amplifier is designed to perform on music applications ( with speakers ), any load test ( resistant  load ) is not recommended.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm – our Return Policy.

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